Allow me to introduce myself (and my horse)……

Hi readers,

My name is Lauren Gibson, and my horse, Rocadero, is a 16 year old, 17 hand, Holsteiner gelding.  I, myself, have been riding since I was born, but a little over 3 years ago, I started training with my trainer, Julia Dearborn at Endeavor Farm.

I began in the summer of 2007, as an under-funded, under-educated, kid with VERY high aspirations.  Within this short amount of time, Julia has transformed me from a peewee, trail rider, into a full-time FEI Level dressage rider.

Although Roc and I have only been together for a little under two years, he and I have formed an amazing partnership, which is the sole reason he’s excelled as quickly as he has.  Roc was previously shown at PSG, but had some serious negative connotations regarding the work, so in September of 2008, when we bought him, there was an immense amount of improvement to make.  Within a year, he and I were qualifying, as a Junior, for the 2010 North American Junior Young Rider Championships, but he sustained an injury following Harvest Moon, forcing me to give him over two months off.  As a result, I ended up not qualifying on him, but a client’s horse, who I just returned from a successful trip to Kentucky with.

Roc and I started again, slowly, in late March, and we are now hoping to qualify for Regionals at PSG, and simultaneously begin on our quest to 2011 Young Riders.  He is known around the barn as “the biggest weenie you’ll ever meet”, and he truly fits that description.  He is a distracted, behind the leg butthead sometimes, but when he’s on, there is no stopping him.

I truly look forward to our journey together and will keep you readers updated, as well as I can!!  It sure has been a busy summer for me but I have loved every minute of it!!




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2 responses to “Allow me to introduce myself (and my horse)……

  1. Hi Lauren….I’m very eager to follow your blog!!!! Dressage is the best!

  2. Yeah, Lauren!
    I’m so glad you’ve joined us–please tell us all about Kentucky!

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