Turns out I’m not as good at this blogging thing as I thought I was going to be…

I wish I was better at this and I could figure out how to post pictures, but I don’t think I am technologically savvy enough right now..I might have to work up to that, so bear with me and my non-picture posts.

Well, with all of these 100+ temperatures, Bo and I have been forced to make-do with ‘short and sweet’ rides in the early morning or in the evening racing to get our rides in before the sun completely disappears. If nothing else, both the horses and I are getting much fitter 🙂

FDR is my main man. He is such a puppy dog. He loooooves to get rubbed and scratched on after his ride and has just the sweetest personality. I feel like that through every ride, we have a little unspoken “conversation”..sometimes with a smile on our face and sometimes through gritted teeth..but there is never a lack of communication. For example, for the first about 10 minutes of every ride, we discuss whether or not it is in his best interest to want to go forward or not. Sometimes these discussions involve a temper tantrum, but after he decides it’s better to just go to work, he really really really works. Hot, cold, windy, rainy, humid…any weather, if you can convince him to “go” he will give you %150. Every ride is a different ‘test of faith’ so to speak..but he is just an absolute joy to ride and have a relationship with. I’m really excited/nervous to see what Felicitas thinks of us 🙂

To be his full sister, Allie (Figure of Speech) not only looks nothing like FDR, but she has a COMPLETELY different personality as well. Where FDR is laid back and somewhat of a goof ball, she is intense, expressive and sensitive. She is one of those horses where you feel like you have enough energy underneath you to either do an Olympic quality piaffe, or shoot 8 ft straight in the air. (Both of which, I promise, she has attempted) Every time I ride her, though, I get super excited. She just oozes serious FEI potential. Maybe it’s only 1 or 2 or 3 strides, but I get these little glimpses of “holy cow, Bo did that look as good as it felt?!” and I guess, that’s what we dressage riders go out into the scorching heat, bitter cold and torrential downpours to feel…those moments of brilliance 🙂

Again, I apologize for the lack of updates, but I promise to stay up better. As for now, I must go to bed or I will never get out of bed to go to Raeford for the show this weekend!



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