There are upsides and downsides to every decision.

I recently moved Bravo from a “training facility” to a “family boarding facility”. This was a decision I did not take lightly, and like all choices in life, had it’s pros and cons.  As I have talked about before, I recently bought a cute pony (Emmi) for my daughter.  This was an impulse buy 10 years in the making, and while at 4 years old, my daughter does certainly not need her own pony, I couldn’t let this particular cutie slip past me a second time.  Anyone who has horses knows the purchase price isn’t what gets you–it’s the monthly expenses. Certainly I did not need to keep the pony at a (more expensive) training facility, and happily kept her at her current farm.

Pro: less $; Con: horses at 2 places, 20 minutes apart.

For almost a month I schlepped back and forth between barns, trying to keep Emmi exercised (which, let’s face it, is gonna be my job) and continuing the training on Bravo.  The situation was not ideal, but a friend began leasing the pony for her (more-appropriately-age-matched-to-Emmi) daughters which helps with time, exercise, and money.  But I still had that lingering unease because I could not “lay eyes” on her every day, even though I know she was safe and loved. In the end, I decided to move Bravo out of the training barn, and over to the farm with Emmi.

Pro: less $, more “family” atmosphere, smaller/quieter; Con: no weekly (or more) lessons, 20 minute drive instead of the current 2 minute drive.

I know it’s the right decision for us right now.  My daughter loves the new farm and has more freedom to explore (ie, chase and catch the chickens) without disturbing anyone’s training or lessons.  Both our horses (and therefore all of our stuff) is in one place. My rides on Bravo have been fantastic–he’s settled and the footing in the paddocks and ring suit his finicky feet.  I will certainly miss the easy access to lessons, since now I will have to trailer for training.  It’s a new chapter for me, since moving back from Virginia I have basically been in full training.  Recently I had taken a step back to be able to focus on being more self sufficient, so now that is certainly the case, and I will definitely have to “step up to the plate” as it were and put on my big girl panties.  Until the finals, I have some stuff lined up–a clinic in Wilson this weekend with Anne Aloi, a plan to travel to Jules Nyssen for a few days in October, and another clinic in the works for November that will hopefully fall into place.  If I can sneak a lesson with a local trainer in between, I should be covered for the finals, and in the meantime will have ALL kinds of opinions on my riding and training.

Time will tell if that was a good choice.


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