Back on Track

Like I mentioned in my last blog, Roc came sound on Saturday, the day Labor of Love started.  After a successful show with Aussie, Roc and I are finally able to get back on track, schooling the I-1/GP movements, which will hopefully result in a successful show at PSG.  As I always say….just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should, thus the reason we are showing at a level much less than the usual “one level below what you are schooling at home” 🙂

So my goals for the fall include:

1)  Successfully bring Roc back to 110% in health and soundness (this we have already obtained)

2)  Have fun riding in clinics and schooling shows, feel successful about the little things (like staying round thru an entire test!!), and helping Roc continue building his confidence in himself and in me

3)  Work towards being able to earn my Gold in the spring

We will see how all of this goes….I know now to be thankful for even having a sound horse.

Like Crash Davis says in Bull Durham:

“Sometimes you win.  Sometimes you loose.  Sometimes it rains.”


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