Championship show entries are already open!

I was checking the calendar of events on the NCDCTA website and realized that entries for the GAIG’s are already open! Time sure does fly by when you are busy! And busy I have been this summer. Despite the heat I have actually ridden quite regularly all summer long. And I feel we have made some really good progress this year.

 Last weekend we joined Robyn and several others in Wilson for the clinic with Anne Aloi. Tiara was a very good girl and my wonderful dressage partner was back! I had been having some really nice rides at home too, so we were able to really work on polishing up some old stuff and moving on to the next step.

 On Saturday Tiara actually started off a bit on the lazy side, but with her this is okay as she seems to get more energetic the longer we work, unlike me who gets slower the longer we work. We worked on some transitions back and forth between walk and trot to loosen her up and get her listening to my aids. Being a small horse she sometimes likes to start off with short, quick steps but it usually doesn’t take long to get her really striding out and swinging thru her back. Then we did some spiral in while in shoulder in and then leg yield out and push up to a medium trot. That went well so we progressed to doing some walk/canter/walk transitions. Walk to canter is coming along pretty well but canter back to walk not so much! However by the end of the session we were coming pretty close. On Sunday we continued on this theme and really worked on compressing the canter into a more collected type of canter, then spiral back out and do a bit of medium, then almost half pass back, then shoulder fore our way back to walk with Anne reminding me to really use my seat aids and light hands. We came really close to getting some nice canter/walk transitions.

With thoughts of the difficulties we had at the last show, I pondered what to enter for the championship show. Of course I’m entering the training level championship class that we are qualified for. I had hoped to obtain a qualifying score at first level for doing a musical freestyle and maybe trying that in the Nov show. But as often happens with the best laid plans, it didn’t quite happen since I ended up scratching my First level test 4 class and opting to do training level test 4 instead. I had also hoped to get a qualifying score towards the First level championship class and if that had gone well I would probably have entered the Fall Pinehurst show to try for the second qualifying score. As things turned out I realized that perhaps I was getting a bit ahead of myself and that I needed to sit down and re-evaluate my future plans.

Things were going so well that it was easy to start getting a bit too ambitious in my thinking. So I decided to take a step back and enter classes that we are thoroughly comfortable with and ready for. I decided to start out with a couple of training level classes the first day and then progress up to Training level test 4 along with First level test 1 for the next two days. As my good friend Kathy likes to remind me, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take the time to lay a good foundation on your training and it will pay off dividends down the road.


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