World Equestrian Games, here I come!

Many of my friends and fellow NCDCTA members are competing in Pinehurst at the Pinehurst Fall Dressage show this weekend.  I SO wish I was out there with them, and wish them all the best of luck.

But I’m missing it for good reason–on Sunday I fly to Ohio to drop my daughter at my sister-in-law’s house, and then have a short drive to Kentucky to watch the WEG dressage competition.  All of it.  Free.  OK, it’s not totally free, I had to buy a plane ticket for myself and Ruby.  There is a rental car involved.  BUT, the bulk of the expense–the tickets to every preliminary and final classes and the hotel room for the week–was won in an NCDCTA raffle earlier in the year.  I purchased 4 tickets (and those of going, “Hmmm….” may remember I was also selling said raffle tickets for half price on behalf of the NCDCTA at the March Magic Dressage show in Williamston this spring) and unbelievably was the lucky winner.  Other than winning a Salad Shooter in a raffle when I was in graduate school, I’ve never won anything before (and really, does a Salad Shooter even count?), and am super excited to see the tops in dressage competing while I sit with my good friend Barbara in the 4th row.

I hope to get some decent photos and video clips, and will post updates on the competition and venue when possible.  Truth be told, (and prepared to be called “UnAmerican”), I’m basically all about watching Edward Gal and Carl Hester.  Sadly, Catherine Haddad, my girl crush, ended up as the US alternate and will be showing at Devon instead.  So Carl, if you could do me just one favor, I’d love a little wink and a wave right before you enter, ‘K?


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