It’s similar to playing the lottery!

I submitted my request for vacation during the Championships today. My boss, like other non horsey friends ask me what I think my chances are of winning. Actually a few horse friends also ask me this question. So I decided that the best answer is that it is kind of similar to playing the Lottery. Everyone who buys a lottery ticket is a potential winner, right up until the winning ticket is announced. Of course, winning the lottery is really more about luck in picking the right numbers than it is skill. But still, when you think about it, everybody that enters a championship class or any class for that matter, is a potential winner right up until all the rides are completed and the scores are posted. And the odds are a lot better too!

By nature I’m a glass half full kind of person and I like to think we could win, but I’m also a bit superstitious and am afraid that if I say so out loud or seem over confident about it, that something will happen and all will fall apart. Case in point, I had high hopes of at least making a decent showing at the NCDCTA championships both last year and this year. Didn’t happen, our championship classes just didn’t go very well but other classes at the same show went very well. So you just never know and maybe nerves play a part in it also. But winning that jacket would be a really nice way to end the show season!

Win or lose it is going to be a fun show! Having it right here in North Carolina and only a short drive from my house is also a big plus for me! I’m stabling with a great group who are all very supportive and encouraging to each other and that is worth a lot! Good luck to everyone and hope to see you there!


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