Rocadero: The Schoolmaster

Have you ever watched someone else riding your horse and felt an immense surge of pride??  That is exactly what I felt when I watched Roc carry around an adult amateur, in a double, doing everything she asked happily. 

 I remember last year, when myself and another EF rider ventured off the farm to a local trainer’s facility for a lesson.  I went first, and upon meeting the trainer and introducing Roc, she began to assess my position.  Now I of all people understand the importance of a perfect position, and this trainer informed me that I had a ways to go until I achieved it.  She asked if we had any “schoolmasters” for me to ride and focus on my position on.  I immediately informed that she was “lookin at him”.

I hope everyone has an opportunity to one day ride a horse that truly knows more than they do.  Roc has been such an influence to myself and my riding, and, although others may not be able to see it, I see what a great guy he already is, and the potential he has to become the best schoolmaster ever!


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  1. Schoolmasters come in all shapes and sizes. I’d like to think Graham was one for me–not FEI, of course, just mid-level. Sometimes, they teach you not only what is right, but also what is wrong!

    Congrats on your NCDCTA scholarship, and I can’t wait for updates on your journey!

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