Crunch time!

For just a few minutes, I’m gonna focus on how much I enjoy the whole EXPERIENCE of going to horse shows.  What’s not to love, really?  The Williamston venue is well planned, the barns are bright and airy, and I will be surrounded by some of my very favorite people!  Collectively, we will have some of the best rides at the show, no doubt in my mind.

This time–because of the sheer length of the show (I will be there Wednesday through Sunday), because I am bringing my dog, and because I am camping–I am going to have to make a few lists of “don’t forget” items.  My saddle trunk holds all the necessities for the actual show (tack, sundries, coats, etc.), and one other duffle will hold all the necessities for stabling (grain, buckets, feed pan, etc.).  I’ll need to pack a dog crate and bed, and Hamish’s food.  I’m reasonably sure he will just hang out secured to the stall front or in my living quarters and chill–he’s a good boy.  Of course, I need my clothes, breakfast and snack foods, COFFEE, and toiletries since I’ll be living on site for the duration.  The portable heater is already packed in the trailer!

But wait, there’s more.  There’s the stuff I need to remember that makes this FUN, that makes this an EXPERIENCE, and which will make any outcome in the ring worthwhile.

  • 1 complete master list of everyone in the group’s rides–I strive to see AT LEAST one ride from everyone.
  • 1 new set of white polos, because I have about 6 sets and can find none of them.
  • 1 video tape to return to Lisa Graff’s awesome husband, Terri, in hopes that he’ll tape a couple of my rides.
  • 1 dozen sparkly pink tiaras, bearing the “Williamston/Wedaho Equestrian Gig” aka WEG insignia
  • 1 sparkly “special surprise” for Anne Aloi (for thanks and congratulations on her recent 3rd level BLM championship!)
  • 1 large pot of my White Chili
  • Mike’s Hard Lemonade–it’s technically not Gluten Free, but a little malt liquor never hurts (until the next morning).
  • 1 bottle of Dom Perignon for a special occasion, should one arise.

Unfortunately, many of my friends and I are competing against each other.  Lisa, Cathy, and I in the Training Championship; Karen and I in the First Level MFS Championships and again in the First level Championship.  So, in each of my Championship classes, if they win there will be no jacket for me.  The converse is also true, and it makes me sad that we can’t all be winners.  My goal is to ride the best I can each day–lay it all out on the court given the warm up and attitude of the horse below me.  My goal is to come out of each test happy with my riding, and happy with Bravo’s response.  And then just let the chips fall where they may.

Although Karen might find me in her closet late one night petting and drooling on her jacket.


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One response to “Crunch time!

  1. Lisa

    Robyn, I’m with you. I’ll be happy if Tiara just gives me the best ride we are capable of and I don’t do something silly like forget my test or something and let the chips fall where they may.
    It is too bad we are all competing against each other but the good thing is that it increases the odds that at least one of us will bring home a jacket!
    See you there! Lisa

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