Goodbye for this year!

The Region 1 GAIG’s are now history for 2010. I had a great time, I had fun doing the blog and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Martie Healy did a GREAT job of organizing and putting on the show. The footing was great, the warm up areas were wonderful and plentiful enough that none of them got really crowded at any given time. The food every night was great and I heard a lot of good comments about that as well as the whole facility.

My mare was awesome for the whole show. No, we didn’t win the jacket, not even close, but that’s okay. We had fun and she was wonderful and we did get some nice scores and ribbons and even won one class. She was the horse of my dreams during the whole show and any errors we made were mostly pilot errors. And that is what it’s all about!

Thanks everybody! Hope the GAIG’s will come back to North Carolina again soon!


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