About this Blog

The NCDCTA is a GMO (Group Member Organization) of the USDF (United States Dressage Federation).  As such, our mission is to promote education, recognize achievement, and promote the sports of dressage and combined training.

The NCDCTA is very excited and proud to be hosting the 2010 Great American Insurance Group/ USDF Region 1 Championship this November 11-14th, at the Senator Bob Martin Eastern Agricultural Center in Williamston, NC for the first time.  We hope to demonstrate our “southern hospitality” and strive to make this one of the best (and most fun, y’all) regional championships to date.

The goal of this blog is to bring you the personal stories of several amateurs and young riders, as they train, qualify, and train some more to compete at the finals this year.  We encourage you to look around, read the author profiles to the right, and check back often for updates.  We’d also love your encouraging comments and feedback, so don’t be shy!

The title of this blog came from Nancy Love, DVM and refers to the winner of each division receiving (among other prizes and money–not to mention bragging rights) a TuffRider Great American Insurance Group/USDF jacket to wear to the envy of all their friends!


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